Paying Tuition

How much is an education worth?

College sophomore and aspiring vet Jenni McGrath has the third highest GPA in her high school class. 98th percentile on the SAT. Early admission to a not-quite-Ivy League but still respectable college. Financial aid package big enough that her parents don’t have to take out a second mortgage. Vet school is in the bag.

Or it was, until her father is laid off the same day she receives a form printed letter from the bursar’s office cutting her financial aid. Staring down a $20,000 bill with no hope of paying it, Jenni is ready to give up and move home.

Then she meets wealthy alumnus Dan Cortland in the campus pub. Dan doesn’t seem the least bit fazed by the size of her debt, and he’s willing to help her, for a price.

How far is Jenni willing to go to save her education and her dreams? Find out in  Paying Tuition, the first novel from award winning short story author Lecy Elliotte.

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